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AWLGRIP® develops and manufactures various types of urethane paints - AWLGRIP® and AWLCRAFT®

Each paint has its own special features to fulfill the requirements for each project. Some of these special features are listed below to help you decide. AWLGRIP® and AWLCRAFT® paints can be used on wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. The best results are obtained by following the guidance provided by AWLGRIP® for the complete system.


HIGH QUALITY POLY-URETHANE SYSTEM Recognized around the world for 40 years Can be applied by spray or roller / brush Excellent color retention and chemical resistance It is possible to...

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Awlcraft 2000

ACRYLIC-URETHANE TOPCOAT High-quality acrylic-urethane coating Excellent flow and high gloss Easy to apply Quick drying in order to prevent dust capture Can be applied by spray...

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Awlcraft SE

ACRYLIC-URETHANE METALLIC,PEARL AND STANDARD TOPCOAT Awlcraft SE is a revolutionary new topcoat encompassing metallics,pearls an effect pigments and is fast drying with excellent...

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AWLMIX - usluga mješanja boja

over 5000 tones available within a few hours available in Awlgrip and Awlcraft bases possibility of making tones according to your requirements (samples)

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